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Do something differently – take Risks

Are you a woman who is in a male dominated industry and hesitate to take risks for fear of rejection?

We know that Women are under represented in Technology, that is a fact, both in the UK and worldwide. Many of the women who are employed in IT are clustered in the lower skilled and lower paid areas of the industry, rather than the more professional and technical positions.

Do you hide your intelligence to remain safe or unnoticed in relationships, at work, in life? Many women play at less than 100%. They feel if they reveal all their greatness, their talents and their intelligence that somehow they will not be safe or will set themselves up for rejection. It may feel easier to hold back than take a risk.

If you want to do something different, RISK4Results will help you manage that fear and take the risks necessary to have maximum results in your career, relationships and life. To learn more about this interesting program visit Pink Biker Chic Risk for Results

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