What is the Maximum Size of a FAT-32 Partition?

Looking to format a USB drive as FAT-32? Asking people what is the maximum size of a FAT-32 partition seems to get a dozen different answers. So exactly what is the biggest possible FAT-32 partition?

Maximum Size of a FAT-32 Partition
Some sources seem to confuse the FAT-32 limit of Windows XP as the maximum size, but this is an issue with XP, not FAT-32. The most reliable sources seems to indicate that the limit of a FAT-32 Partition is 8TB.

Check out the following link for the definitive explanation Maximum Size of a FAT-32 Partition at

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IIS File Upload Problems

Last week a user reported a problem with a file upload on our Intranet which has otherwise performed flawlessly for years. They browsed to the file and selected it as normal, but when they clicked upload “nothing happened”. This is an in-house developed Content Management System, written in classic ASP, and the user is a competent content manager, so user issues did not seem likely. At first we suspected file permissions, as there had been some moving around of directories by system support, but this usually results in a 500 error to IE users with Friendly Errors turned on.

Eventually through perseverance by the user it was determined that files greater than 200 Kbytes would fail, but smaller files would upload OK. At last something to Google!

It turns out that by default Windows 2008 server limits file uploads to 200KB in size. To overcome this limit you must edit the ASP Setting as follows:

  1. Login to your server
  2. Open Up IIS Manager
  3. Click on ASP
  4. Expand the Limits properties
  5. Change the default 200KB for the helpfully named Maximum Requesting Entity Body Limit to the required value.

Once you have saved that change the upload limit will increase for all the websites on that server. Remember, if you are running clustered servers you need to increase this value on each server in the cluster.

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Cool Vendors in Infrastructure Protection, 2008

The Cool Vendor in Infrastructure Protection annual report for 2008 has been published by global analyst firm Gartner Inc.

In naming the five infrastructure protection vendors that represent, “new directions in their market spaces,” Gartner defined the challenge for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and other security decision makers by stating that, “significant changes in the enterprise technology and threat environments, including the growing use of IP telephony and consumer devices, are driving innovative new approaches to infrastructure protection.”

The named vendors are

Gartner’s listing does not constitute an exhaustive list of vendors in any given technology area, but rather is designed to highlight interesting, new and innovative vendors, products and services. Gartner defines a cool vendor as a company that offers technologies or solutions that are:

  • Innovative, enable users to do things they couldn’t do before;
  • Impactful, have, or will have, business impact (not just technology for the sake of technology);
  • Intriguing, have caught Gartner’s interest or curiosity in approximately the past six months.

To see the full details click on Cool Vendor in Infrastructure Protection annual report for 2008


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