Plymouth City Council fined £12000 for WEEE breach

Plymouth City Council has been fined £12000 by Plymouth Magistrates Court after being caught selling electrical waste to unauthorized recyclers, in a case brought by the Environment Agency. The council was fined £8,000 for the breach plus £3,742 costs. It has now carried out a thorough review of its procedures.

The European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive was first ratified by European ministers in 2003, and was eventually meant to pass into UK law in August 2006. However, delays by the Department for Trade and Industry held it back. As of 1 July, the new regulations are intended to ensure that major producers, rebranders and importers of household electrical and electronic equipment are signed up to pay for the responsible disposal and recycling of their goods. The WEEE legislation finally came into effect on the 2 January, although those affected have had until July to ensure they’re fully compliant.

If you are interested in the disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, the Government Guidance Notes on the WEEE Regulations, and the Code of Practice are well worth a read:

Sunday, June 27th, 2010 General